Friday, February 15, 2019


There are so many people to thank along this journey called life. This time the thanks go to Tony Todaro, CEO of Todaro Designs and West Coast Writers' Conferences. He also founded the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. I first met Tony when I gave a keynote speech at one of the WC2 conferences a few years ago. He has been in my corner both as a friend and supporter of my mission to help abuse victims ever since.

When Tony heard my book was being updated, he offered to design a dynamic new cover and this is the result. 

This book was the beginning. My fight isn't over yet and I can promise you that the next book I'm working on with Denny Griffin and Morgan St. James will be explosive. As many of you know, I've gone from being a victim to a victor and a warrior. When the past comes back to haunt you, the action begins. Many thanks to all of you and my Bellas for all you do.
Bella Capo