Bella with her mentor Tony "Nap" Napoli
The time has finally come for Bella Capo to tell her story. This wasn’t an easy decision, because to do that meant digging up memories that were so painful many had been smashed down so deep they were never going to be released.

But, abuses like those she suffered still exist and if the book helps one person to know they are not alone and can survive, it is worth the pain. No More Crying Angels is not for the faint of heart, and reliving the life of an abused child of a crime boss, almost losing her life many times, being stalked by a man who turned from a perfect husband to a perfect threat, and  her life in “the Hood” is just part of it.

Many thanks to her mentor Tony “Nap” Napoli, formerly of the Genovese Family, for encouraging Bella to tell her story and helping with the online movement she established--La Bella Mafia

This abused daughter of a crime boss became a powerful woman in the after-hours club culture on Hollywood's famed Sunset Strip. But, after the glamour days on Sunset Strip she wound up in the Hood just feet from the park where Crips from the entire area met. Conquering her fear she became a white woman boss in the Crips— and, incidentally they saved her life more than once.

Bella’s true story will bring tears to your eyes as you applaud her dedication to helping others who are enduring what she did despite fighting severe PTSD and traumatic brain injury from the beatings she received earlier in life.